Lecheria Las Lapas (Green Macaw Dairy) is a family owned farm located on the foothills of  Mount Turrialba, in the province of Limon, Costa Rica. My brothers and sisters and I started the project in 2003, newly immigrated from the United States and eager to practice our Pennsylvania Dutch agrarian talent on the fertile soil of the volcanic mountain region.

Now in its tenth year, Lecheria Las Lapas is managed by my husband Mauricio Espinoza and myself, along with several employees, visiting students, and family members of Mauricio’s. The milk from our herd of 30-some adult cows is processed on the farm, in a small simple factory that turns out over 500 liters a week of yogurt and ice cream, plus fresh milk, cheese and sour cream. We deliver to homes and businesses from the Atlantic coast to the Central Valley. Fresh products are available to visitors here at the farm. Additionally, we offer educational and recreational tours of the farm and facilities.

Family Cow Farming

Mauricio Guests


Mauricio Espinoza, Barbara Lapp, Hannah Lapp


8 responses

  1. los felicitamos es algo nuevo en esta zona dignos de admiración .ojala muchos sigamos el ejemplo. de trabajo y honradez,

  2. Es un orgullo conocer a una señora tan llena de amor para hacer su trabajo y sobre todo que lo hago en armonia con la naturaleza,,,,,, o sea en armonia con dios y con los hombres

  3. El reconocimiento a todos ustedes Barbara Y Mauricio y el equipo que les acompaña …..por presentar los productos naturales al 100%……. base de la leche…..que el señor los bendiga mucho y sigue adelante con este proyecto que al correr del tiempo les de grande satisfacción…….. Así que ya saben amigos de todo los lugares apoye al este producto de la lechera las LAPAS…..lleve productos de garantía y calidad

  4. wonderful to find an interesting small farm in Coasta Rica.
    I would be interested in learning about your farm and if you have raw milk and fresh raw dairy products on your farm.
    The landscape must be beautiful there.
    Please let me know about your educational tours.
    Thank you kindly. And look forward in hearing back from you.


  5. Ver nice Barbara. I’m pleased I got to spend time with you and Maricio. I wish you much joy and success in the coming months.

  6. Hola Las Lapas!
    I’m am in love with your butter! I live in Cocles and have bought it a few times. Today, I made banana bread and ate it with your butter- it was divine! I enjoyed reading about your family business and how you care for your cows. Please keep up the good work!
    Many thanks!

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