African Watusi in Costa Rica

Afro Tica, also known as La Cachona, was born on the pastures of Lecheria Las Lapas October 19, 2007. Her mother, Afro Way, was born in Ohio on the Dickenson Cattle Company Ranch, and we imported her to Costa Rica in 2003. Afro Way was among the first African Watusi cattle to arrive in Costa Rica, a photogenic specimen of the world¨s largest horned cattle.

Frozen semen was used to impregnate her with a Watusi bull, and Afro Tica now takes the show for visitors to Lecheria Las Lapas.

African Watusi

Imagine Afro Tica multiplied by seven!
In vitro fertilization enabled us to super-reproduce this spectacular cow. She now has seven babies on the way, due August 14 of this year. Watusi in Costa Rica

Watusi Call

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